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Advantages, disadvantages and precautions of stainless steel pot

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Stainless steel pot should be a must in every home, because of other rugged characteristics, it is very popular. Then you know what the shortcomings of stainless steel pots are, and how to avoid the blackening of the pot body. This is a problem that we must pay attention to during use. Only after we understand it clearly can we use it more safely.


Where is the good use of stainless steel pot?


The usefulness of stainless steel pots is reflected in various aspects, and only by comparison with other pots, can the usefulness of stainless steel pots be revealed. First of all, compared with iron pots, stainless steel pots are lighter in weight and not easy to rust. At the same time, they have good thermal conductivity and can save cooking time. Although the iron pot can also save time, but the pot body is heavy, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to rust.




Secondly, compared with aluminum pans, stainless steel pans do not precipitate harmful substances at high temperatures and can be used with confidence. The aluminum pan, on the other hand, generates harmful substances at high temperatures, which is harmful to the human body for a long time.


Then, compared with the ceramic pot, the comparison between the two is that the ceramic pot is effective when used for soup, but the ceramic is fragile and not very convenient to use. Although the stainless steel pot does not have a ceramic pot, the effect of soup is good, but for daily porridge, the effect is still obvious, while saving time, it effectively retains the nutrition and moisture of the food.




Disadvantages of stainless steel pot?


In long-term use, stainless steel pots can easily become black and yellow, and stainless steel with poor quality can produce harmful substances at high temperatures. These disadvantages can be avoided during use and purchase, so they can basically be ignored, but be sure to understand some precautions and purchase tips during use.




Notes on stainless steel pot?


1. When cooking, the flame should not exceed the bottom of the pot. Use a medium or small fire to avoid the pots becoming black and yellow.


2, do not dry for a long time, this is one of the reasons for the yellow pot.


3. Do not wash with cold water immediately after use to prevent water mist and make it difficult to clean pots.


4. Do not use a wire brush for cleaning. It will wipe off the bright surface of the surface. At the same time, it is easy to rust while being nutritious and beautiful.


5. Don't hold acidic or alkaline food for a long time, it may produce toxic substances, which is bad for the body.




How to buy stainless steel pot?


1. Select from the bottom of the pot, be sure to choose a stainless steel pot with a composite bottom, and distribute it evenly, so as to conduct heat quickly and uniformly, and reduce the generation of soot.


2. Select from the lid, and it must be tightly sealed. Secondly, there is a vent design to prevent food from overflowing. It is recommended to choose a sunken pot lid to save food nutrition while saving cooking time.


3. Select from the handle, the anti-scalding effect is better, it is recommended to choose a stainless steel handle, the plastic handle is easy to age, and the anti-scalding is not good.


3. Select from the material, the quality of stainless steel material determines the service life, it is recommended to choose 304 stainless steel material, which is very secure and very durable in terms of safety.




Identifying the 304 stainless steel material?


Simply suck the stainless steel with a magnet. If it cannot be sucked, it is 304 stainless steel. In fact, this method is wrong. Because the stainless steel pot is suitable for the induction cooker, the bottom of the pot will have a certain degree of magnetic. A more accurate method is to use a 304 test solution and observe the color on the stainless steel surface. The 304 stainless steel is green or colorless.




Advantages: The three-layer compound pot bottom is sturdy and durable, and it conducts heat more quickly. The uniquely designed handle is comfortable to handle and has good heat insulation effect. It is not easy to rust and is more durable. The sunken pot lid effectively locks nutrition and moisture.


Note: Food that is not thawed is not recommended to be placed directly on the bottom of the pot.