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How to deal with rusty stainless steel pot

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The reason why stainless steel can prevent rust is that its surface has a very thin and strong and stable chromium-rich oxide film. This film can prevent the continued penetration of oxygen atoms into the oxidation. But if the film is damaged, stainless steel will also rust. In addition, different stainless steels have different rust prevention capabilities. What should I do if the stainless steel appliances in my home are rusted? Take a look at the tips from the editor below!


Descaling method of stainless steel pot:



1. For stainless steel pots with less rust, just heat the pot and wipe it with a cloth dipped in vinegar to quickly and thoroughly wipe off the rust stains.


Tip: Do not wash too clean after each use, leave some oil to prevent rust. You can also heat the pot, pour a little oil, wipe it evenly with a shovel, and turn off the heat. When using it the next day, rinse with water.


2. If there are fresh lemons in the house, squeeze the lemon juice and wipe it with a cloth dipped in lemon juice. Repeat several times to remove the rust stains. Or wet the rusty area with boiling water, apply sour milk, and then wipe it with soap.


3. Wipe the rust stain with 15% acetic acid solution (15% tartaric acid solution is also possible), or soak the rust stain in the solution, and rinse it with water the next day.


4. Wet the rust stain with 10% citric acid solution or 10% oxalic acid solution, wipe with a rag, and then rinse with water.


Cleaning method of black dirt and burn marks on stainless steel pot:


1. Pineapple skin cook stainless steel pot


Stainless steel pots are easily stained with black dirt and difficult to scrub. Now just add the larger pots in the home with water, put some pineapple skin, and then put the smaller pots in and cook for 20 minutes. Bright as new!


2.Scorch marks on boiling water


The stainless steel pot was accidentally burnt. You can put some tea leaves and a little water in the pot and boil for 3 minutes, put it out for 2 minutes, and then brush normally to remove the burn marks. No tea with white vinegar or baking soda is fine.