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How to deal with the stainless steel pot rusting

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Stainless steel is rust-proof, relying on a very thin, strong and stable chromium-rich oxide film on its surface. This film prevents the continued infiltration of oxygen atoms into the oxidation. But if the film is damaged, stainless steel will rust. In addition, stainless steel labels are different, and their rust resistance is also different. If the stainless steel appliance in the house is rusted, what should I do? Take a look at the small tricks compiled in the following small series!


Stainless steel pot rust removal method:


1. For stainless steel pots that are not too rusty, simply heat the pot and wipe it with a cloth dipped in vinegar to quickly and thoroughly wipe off the rust stains.


Tip: Don't wash too clean every time you use it, leave some oil to prevent rust. You can also heat the pan, pour a little oil, evenly wipe it with a spatula, then turn off the heat. When used the next day, rinse with water.


2. If you have fresh lemon in your home, you can squeeze the lemon out of the juice and rub it with a cloth of lemon juice. Repeat several times, that is, remove the rust stains. Or first soak the rusted area with boiling water, apply acidified milk, and then apply soap to clean it.


3. Use 15% acetic acid solution (15% tartaric acid solution) to wipe the rust stains, or soak the rust stains in the solution, and rinse them with water the next day.


4. Wet the rust stains with 10% citric acid solution or 10% oxalic acid solution, wipe with a rag, and rinse with water.


Cleaning method for black scale and scorch on stainless steel pot:


1. Pineapple skin boiled stainless steel pot


Stainless steel pot is easy to stain black scale, difficult to brush, now just add the water to the larger pot in the home, put some pineapple skin, then put the smaller pot into it, boil for twenty minutes, wait for the cold to take out, each one Bright as new!


2. Onion boiled water to scorch marks


The stainless steel pot was burnt inadvertently. You can put some tea leaves and a little water in the pot to boil for 3 minutes, put off the flame for 2 minutes, and then remove the scorch marks by normal brushing. No tea can be used with white vinegar or baking soda.