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The stainless steel pot has been used for a long time, black and dirty? The little coup makes the bottom of the pot bright and n

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Everyone should know that after the pot has been used for a long time, the bottom of the pot will become a special black. It has the feeling of being confused and looks particularly dirty.

It leads to a feeling of awkwardness in cooking. It is not easy to clean up at ordinary times. It is useless to clean with detergent. It can't be cleaned for a long time, which is especially time-consuming and laborious.

I will introduce some small coups to you today and quickly clean up the bottom of the pot.


Tomatoes and apples are common foods, but few people know that the acid contained in these two foods will interact with the oxide layer of the aluminum in the pot, so that the rusted parts of the pot are better cleaned.

The method is also very simple, prepare half a pot of water, then cut the tomato or apple peel, put it in a pot and boil it to boiling, then use tomato or apple water to wipe the black part of the pot, the acid can be effectively decomposed and removed. Dirty things on the surface of the pot, and then gently wipe the pot to restore the pot.


Baking soda is a versatile natural cleanser that has a good cleaning effect on stains on the pot that are black and difficult to clean.

First, dip a little water in the dirt on the pot, let it moist, then put the baking soda on the thicker place of the stain, wipe it evenly, then wrap the pot with plastic wrap, so that the pot and the baking soda are in full contact and isolated. Air, finally placed for one night.

The next day, scrub with a scouring pad, almost all the dirt can be easily cleaned, very simple and practical.